It’s that time of year where the leave are falling, the days are getting shorter and a Studio’s eye turns towards FIRINGS!  We are all busy preparing for the holiday season and our upcoming Holiday sale and Open Studio (12/5 thru 12/7).  In the past two weeks we’ve had both a reduction and a soda firing of our kiln Crusty Gertrude.  The firing teams did a phenomenal job and the results are outstanding.

We see warm toasty brown reds from our shino and a vibrant crystal purple from a new glaze.  As always the surface treatments of our members are highlighted again.  Christine’s slip trailed fish are some of the best I’ve seen.  Becca’s platters are stunning as are Mary’s leaf plates.  Stoneware, porcelain and dark clays are featured.

There are back to back electric firings as well as one more gas firing coming in the next few weeks.  We are going to start documenting our firings in more detail down to the amount of time it took and how many degrees the firing has progressed per hour.  The beautiful thing of firing is everyone reduces a bit differently giving us a wealth of information every time.



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