Membership Options

Firing Memberships

  • Basic plan includes access to kilns, studio glazes, spray booth.
  • Plus plan includes basic membership, plus a storage cubby (great for custom glazes and tools), as well as use of the slab roller and extruder.

Communal Studio Membership a.k.a the “Rumpus Room” –  is equipped with pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, wedging table, work tables and storage. Each member has two dedicated 2×4’ shelves for works in process as well as a cubby for glaze and materials. Access to kilns and studio glazes included.

Private Studio Rental – There are 11 private studios ranging from 100 – 225 sq ft., rented on a monthly basis which includes use of all studio equipment, glazes and firing facilities.Brown 4

Member Benefits

  • Access to all kilns
  • Use of studio glazes (cone 10)
  • Access to a glaze lab
  • Test tiles
  • Participation in bi-annual open studio sales events
  • Group supply orders
  • Exposure via website’s artist page
  • 24-hr studio access

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